Bristol IT Support

Alcor Networks provide unrivalled IT support to businesses and small office or home users.

Our service is unrivalled because we have engineers who have been REAL IT support engineers in the south west for many years. We support a wide range of businesses from Solicitors to engineering companies.

Rather than say we are the best, the fact of the matter is that we have not lost a client to another IT support company since we were established in 2002. Our engineers have been working in the southwest long before this and our cumulative experience dates back to the beginning of the computer age!

You don’t have to be big to benefit from our fantastic services either. If you’re a one person outfit you will still get the same great service.

Laptop and computer repairs are a speciality, including Apple Macintosh. Hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades, video card upgrades these are all available at our state of the art workshops. You can come in and discuss with engineers directly your requirements and needs.