Free IT Audit

Most organisations allocate only a small budget to IT, but it’s one area that can have an immediate impact on productivity. Ten staff members spending 10 minutes per day deleting Spam equals over 8 hours of lost productivity per week.

Take advantage of our free IT audit we will send an experienced IT consultant to look at your organisation comprehensively and assess the needs of each department to make the whole organisation work as efficiently as possible. We will make a plan of the current IT setup and look how each part currently works with the other parts. We will then use this plan to pinpoint problem areas and suggest the best ways of making everything work together to improve your productivity – without any unnecessary spending.

Out IT audit is an honest and impartial assessment of your organisation’s current position in terms of IT productivity and our report is a map of where you need to and how to get there. We provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved, often the simplest solutions have the biggest impact.