Home User

If you have a problem with your home PC or laptop, give us a call. We offer a free damage assessment and we will tell you what’s wrong with no obligation.

We can help with:

  • Virus disinfection and Anti Virus Software installations. Does your computer have a virus, or is it coming up with error messages that you don’t understand. We can disinfect it and make sure it is protected against all the known computer viruses.
  • Slow PC’s or laptops – we can work out what’s going on and make sure it’s running at top speed
  • Laptop repair – broken screens, spilt liquid, damaged power supplies, etc.
  • Data recovery – have you lost important documents or photos? We can access lost data and retrieve it for you
  • Software and Hardware upgrades –for example, upgrade to Windows 7
  • Internet and computer security – we can make sure your computer is as secure as possible
  • We can help you to make your computer safer for children to use the internet
  • Wireless setup or help you to secure your existing wireless setup